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Shaping national identity in Slovakia from the outset of this geographic formation resembled a small drama . In the beginning there ruled the barbarian tribes and Slavs occupied territory , a bit like attempting Turks and Hungarians later . At present, the match seemingly won by , Slovakia belongs to the Slovaks . But who exactly are the Slovaks ? After all, this compact territory of a nation is made ​​up of many sub- territories in which various ethnic minorities live . In eastern Slovakia coexist in dialogue in parallel Ruthenian , Ukrainian , Roma , Polish , Hungarian and Jewish ethnicity . This diversity is reflected in all spheres of social life , including the state of culture . The majority , " Culture of the Slovak nation " , is constantly influenced by the traditional culture of minorities in this area live together . Rutenicart Civic Association , dedicated to the culture and art of the Ruthenian minority , because in June 2012 launched a project Ethnica babylonica , examination of contemporary culture for minorities , in which the general public wants a long zoom culture of minorities living side by side in this small area . Another objective of the project is to show Ethnica babylonica the effects of ethnic culture , the consequences can be observed in the unique atmosphere of social and cultural life of eastern Slovakia .

Project Ethnica babylonica a visual , musical , literary and performing arts and culture of minorities . Alongside members of ethnic groups living in Slovakia, are also those who live outside our country .

project funded with support from the Ministry of Culture

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Civic association RUTENICART

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