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Versus The project is one of the projects of the civic association Rutenicart . He carries with him all the vystihujúci subtitle " traditional VERSUS modern " . The project shall be implemented over a period of time in some of the villages in north-eastern Slovakia , where it is characterized by its isolation to the outside world . Due to this isolation, its inhabitants are carriers of traditions and indigenous customs and crafts that are already on populated cities , but also large villages disappeared . It is these inevitably in an isolated environment maintained customs and traditions they used in the past to inspire the creation of many artists . Project Versus wants creative tendencies , influenced by the ideas rich folk environment , revive .

Versus also deals with the relationship between contemporary and traditional folk art . It seeks to provide a solution to the questions whether and to what extent can contemporary art inspired by the past , wants to find an intersection of the two . At the same time pointed out the now nearly forgotten wealth of creative activity of anonymous ancestors . It is through artistic activities of the participating authors want the wealth spread. It should lead to popularize Slovak folk art , craft original incorporation into modern forms of contemporary artists in various genres of artistic types and media of contemporary art .

The project can be seen as a response to trends that can be observed especially in the Slovak visual context . Among young artists is the dominant view that the folk art tradition , which was significantly influenced by the Slovak modern art , a brake on the progress of modern expression . Makers and project participants are trying to point out that between the two forms is possible dialogue and that dialogue is the only right way to prevent the disappearance of traditional art at all .

project funded with support from the Ministry of Culture

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